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What Patients Are Saying

Patient satisfaction and feedback is the key to Dr. Davis' medical success and professional development. That’s why Dr. Davis does his best to guarantee that each one of his patients is happy with the health treatments and services provided.

Take a look at what past patients had to say about their Davis Chiropractic & Wellness experiences, and you’ll soon understand why you should be scheduling your appointments with us as well.

"I went in for my first adjustment ever and my results were instant and noticeable. Dr. Davis is very knowledgeable and helps you understand what is causing issues with your body. I felt comfortable and confident that my issues would be taken care of and they were! Excellent patient care!"


“It has been years since I had an adjustment and I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. I tried acupuncture, massage, yoga, and was only getting minor relief. Within one session with Dr. Davis, I learned so much in his upfront consultation about alignment and what was misaligned. I instantly felt different, but it wasn’t until I got on the highway and went to change lanes, looking over my left shoulder, that I realized just how much my range of motion had been limited before! Dr. Davis works wonders and is such a happy face to see. I absolutely recommend him to anyone experiencing some back and neck pain.”


"I began seeing Dr. Davis in 2012 after being diagnosed with a herniated disc. I wanted to look at different options to see if I could avoid an incredibly invasive surgery. Dr. Davis was able to help me with treatment options based on my needs and also helped with several ongoing chronic pain issues I had in my shoulder and elbow from sports. Since that time I've been able to avoid having any surgery and also been pain free. 

He shows a lot of compassion and caring for his patients and is a great chiropractor. I highly recommend him."  



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